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Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Nashville Chapter
PO Box 210005 . Nashville TN 37221


Americans United is a tax-exempt educational organization. Basic membership is $25 a year and includes $18 toward your subscription to CHURCH & STATE magazine. So you see that larger gifts are necessary if the organization is to have adequate funding. If you are in Middle Tennessee, you can also be a member of the Nashville Chapter by sending your money through Nashville or advising Washington. If you send your donation to our Washington headquarters it may take some time for the Chapter to discover that you are a member, and we will not receive any portion.

Students with student ID can receive a free membership by submitting a scan of their Student ID by mail.

PLEASE send new memberships to Nashville Chapter and mark on your check "NEW." This enables the chapter to have funds. We are permitted to retain the entire amount in your initial check, even in excess of the minimum membership. If you are already a member, send your renewal in January to Washington, and tell them "Nashville Chapter." Unless you at some time have done this (or sent through the Chapter), we receive nothing to help with our local expenses. The Chapter may also keep checks marked "Chapter Donation."

Our national headquarters sends mailings at various times. If you respond to their mailing to become a member, please indicate Nashville Chapter if you are in Middle Tennessee. New memberships obtained through the Nashville Chapter result in sharing of the basic membership amount with the Chapter. If you renew membership through the chapter, we will also be able to retain something for our treasury and you will ensure that we are in touch with you about local events.

The simplest way to join Nashville Chapter and Americans United is to send a check for $25 or more made out to Americans United to:

PO BOX 210005

When you join, we would appreciate your telephone number, and especially your e-mail address. Also tell us what you think you might be able to do to help the cause of religious liberty. Also please consider a chapter donation at any time during the year.

A wealth of information can be found at the National Americans United web page (